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First make sure your phone is compatible with Straight talk. if it is, you can purchase a Straight Talk activation kit from Wal-Mart. You can follow the instructions inside the kit. You will have the option to switch your number from another carrier. Note that the number you want to switch must be active with your carrier before you switch to Straight Talk.

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Q: How do you change your plan from metro pcs?
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What is the cheapest plan on Metro Pcs?

The cheapest plan for Metro Pcs is a $30 per month plan and is their most basic plan. You will receive unlimited minutes and unlimited text messages.

What is the number to cancel your plan for metro pcs?


What would be the best Metro PCS Phone plan for a frequent caller?

Metro PCS is a well known cell phone provider. They offer a large range of plans to suit every callers needs. If you're looking for a plan that includes lots of talking time, Metro PCS is the cell phone provider to join with. All of Metro PCS' plans include unlimited talk which is perfect for the frequent caller. Any plan on Metro PCS would be great.

Does metro pcs sell iPhones?

metro pcs does NOT sell iphones

What touch screen phones don't need a data plan?

Metro pcs

Can a LG Revolution use a prepaid plan?

Yes pageplus crickets or metro pcs

Is Metro PCs a good place to buy a new phone?

Metro PCS offer plans without annual contracts so you can change providers much more easily. They offer new phones with competitive plan offers which can include unlimited data. Metro PCS also offer the option to keep your phone number when you move to one of their plans which makes changing even more hassle free. If you are not happy with your phone or plan they do offer a full refund too.

Who owns metro pcs?

Metro pcs was founded by two white guys from Texas. not Verizon or anyone else

Can you connect lg env3 to a metro pcs service plan?

Only if it's not reported stolen

Is there Metro PCS in Chicago?

No, but Metro PCS does have phone coverage in Chicago.

How do you unlock metro pcs phones?


i am looking for a new phone plan and my firend give me this name metro pcs. what is metro pcs and what dose it offer and how much i ahve to pay?

Metro PCS is a new cell phone provider. They offer cell phones and plans similar to other companies. You can check out their website or call their customer service number for more information. The costs vary depending on what kind of plan and features you are looking for.