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Q: How do you fly a smiley face flyer?
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What is backwards smiley face?

A backwards smiley face is when the punctuation for a smiley face is reversed, such as ) : or ( :. It may symbolize a different emotion than a traditional smiley face.

How do you do msn winks?

click on the smiley face icon or " " is a smiley face ";)" is a wink ":D" is a big smiley face etc.

What is Smiley Cat?

Smiley cat is a cat that has a smiley face :D

How long has the Smiley Face been around for?

The smiley face has been around for decades. In 1962 the smiley face was first introduced in New York on the popular radio staion WMCA who gave out sweatshirt's with a smiley face logo.

What does a smiley face with an exclamation mark mean?

A smiley face and a explanationmark means that that person is really happy

How do you make a smiley face on a ipnone?

":)" For a smiley or ":D" for a grin.

Why does the sun have a smiley face?

The sun does not have a smiley face naturally. The smiley face you may see is often a human creation, like in cartoons or drawings, to personify or animate the sun.

What was the name of the first plane to fly?

the Flyer

How do you say smiley face in Armenian?

This is a cute question :) Smiley face in Armenian is called JBDOON YERESS .

How do you do smiley faces on facebookcom?

How to do a smiley face is just a : and then a ). When you press enter it will show a smiley face. Just remember, it doesn't work on posts only on chats. :)

How do make a smiley face on Excel?

Go to Insert and Symbol and you will find the smiley face in the Winddigs character set.

How did the nirvana smiley face come about?

there was a bar in Washington that had this smiley face as a logo outside and the band made it their own.