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Because this person whom you wish to phone is a friend of yours, there is an excellent chance that he will recognize your voice, hence, you will not be anonymous. You could also disguise your voice, but people speaking in a disguised voice usually sound weird, and it can be obvious that the voice has been altered.

I am not sure what kind of prank you had in mind. I think the usual idea is, you can make someone feel worried, and then you can make them feel relieved, when they discover that what they were worried about is actually a joke. This is rarely as much fun to experience as you may think.

Perhaps you should phone him up to tell him that for his birthday this year, you will be sending him a live, fully grown elephant. Of course, chances are he won't believe you. For extra laughs, actually send him an elephant.

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Q: How do you prank call anonymously in Australia I have a friends birthday soon and I am planning on giving him a surprise birthday call thanks?
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