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Yes. IE9 uses a redesigned engine to render a webpage. The new design itself allows for things like java script to be executed a lot faster than in previous versions. In addition, IE9 can take advantage of your computer's graphics card for extra processing power so that the web page can load and run much faster.

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No it is not. Get Google Chrome.

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Q: Is Internet Explorer 9 faster than Google Chrome?
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Which is faster Google Chrome or internet explorer?

Chrome is the fasted.

Which is better Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome?

Google Chrome it about 2 times faster

What is different between internet explorer and Google Chrome?

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer both are web browsers. Chrome is much faster and stable than Explorer.

What is the difference of internet explorer to Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a much faster browser than IE. It can be due to the increased coding and technologies.

If you download Firefox and have Internet explorer will it get rid of Internet explorer?

I much prefer Google Chrome because it loads faster than Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and it gives you more opportunities to cool stuff like apps on the Google Chrome Web Store.

Is Google Chrome faster than normal internet?

if you mean internet explorer then yes, by all test the results are yes.

Internet explorer and Firefox and Google Chrome which one better?

Can you just use Google with internet explorer?

Yes, you can use both browsers at the same time. Chrome is a little faster though than Explorer.

How does Google Chrome make your internet faster?

Google Chrome makes your internet connection go faster. It can fully utilize the bandwidth of the connection.

Difference between internet explorer and Google Chrome?

Internet Explorer and Google chrome are both web browsers, programs made for displaying websites. They are both very similar. Internet Explorer is from Windows and is installed on every new Windows PC, Google chrome is from Google and free to download online. Google Chrome has more features and is faster.

Which web browser is faster on an Intel Pentium III Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome?

Ok first you might want to upgrade to another CPU and second believe it or not Google Chrome runs better so i suggest getting that

Should I use internet explorer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as my default web browser for best performance on a dell inspiron n5050 laptop running windows 7?

Performance for a Web Browser is usually considered in relation to its average Page Load Time and its average CPU Usage. Internet Explorer's, Mozilla Firefox's and Google Chrome's statistics are as follows:Page Load TimeInternet Explorer - 4 secondsMozilla Firefox - 1.34 secondsGoogle Chrome - 1.45 secondsCPU UsageInternet Explorer - 18.1%Mozilla Firefox - 7.6%Google Chrome - 3%Overall then, Mozilla Firefox is a fraction of a second faster than Google Chrome, but uses over twice the CPU. I would recommend going for Google Chrome.