Is Nokia 7373 good phone

Updated: 10/4/2023
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i have this phone i thing this is good b'coz it have 3.2 mp camera with flash and it can play .avi files and 2gb memory card is free with it........

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ya, but some features are not better.

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Q: Is Nokia 7373 good phone
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Is the nokia 7373 phone on the Next G network?


Where can someone get a pink Nokia 7373 phone?

There are a number of online stores in the UK that sell a pink version of the Nokia 7373 mobile phone. They include Amazon, the auction website eBay and Play.

What cell phone does Nancy Drew receive in the 2007 movie?

Nokia 7373

Your Nokia 7373 has deleted all your contacts How do you get them back?

I really dont think you can because it is literally gone from the memory of the phone

In Nancy Drew what mobile is Emma using?

I don't thing that the phone Emma uses in the film is on the market anymore. But Nokia 7373 looks like it.

What features come on the Nokia 7373?

The Nokia 7373 comes with a number of impressive features. It features a QVGA display, a 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom, 240 x 320 pixels and an MP3 player.

Is the Nokia X5 a good phone?

Undoubtedly, Nokia X5 good phone . It is cheap and best windows phone . It's integrated features are also good.

Is the Nokia 5230 a good phone?

the Nokia 5230 is a good phone ! ....... it has a sensitive screen good colours light got Internet i would recommend it the proof is that i have that phone

Is the Nokia x3 a good phone?

Yep! I have it! It is a good phone trust me.

Which is better the Nokia n95 or the Nokia 5800?

The Nokia 5800 has less flaws then the Nokia n95 although that is a very good phone, the Nokia 5800 is a much better phone

Do cricket have Nokia Lumia 920 phone?

i think it dont have nokia but it should have it its a really good phone!

Is the Nokia C3 a good phone?

Yes! It's a very good phone!