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No, Tracy Beaker isn't based on anyone. Jacqueline thought that she wanted to write a story about a troubled girl in care called Tracy, but she couldn't think of a last name, so in the bath she was experimenting with names like Tracy Toilet, Tracy Bath and then she was rinsing her hair with an old plastic snoopy beaker and she thought- Tracy Beaker!!!

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Q: Is tracey beaker Jacqueline Wilson
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Who created tracey beaker?

Jacqueline Wilson well known Childrens Author

Is tracey baeker returns the same tracey as the story of tracey beaker?

Yes, "Tracey Beaker Returns" is a sequel to "The Story of Tracy Beaker". Both are based on the character of Tracy Beaker created by Jacqueline Wilson.

In starring Tracey Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson what play do the school children perform?

They perform A Christmas Carol

When was tracey beaker born?

Tracy Beaker is a fictional character created by author Jacqueline Wilson in her children's book series. There is no specific birth date provided for the character within the series.

When is the story Tracy beakers birthday?

In Jacqueline Wilson's book "Tracey Beaker," the character Tracy Beaker's birthday is on May 8th.

What is Jacqueline wilsons favorite story?

tracey beaker

Jacqueline Wilson nationality?

Jacqueline Wilson is British. She was born in Bath, England in 1945. Wilson is a well-known children's author, best known for her popular book series such as "Tracey Beaker" and "Hetty Feather."

Which Jacqueline Wilson character lives at the dumping ground?

Tracy Beaker is the Jacqueline Wilson character who lives at the dumping ground in the "Tracy Beaker" series.

Who wrote the book tracey beaker?

jaqueline Wilson

Where does tracey beaker live?

Tracey Beaker, a fictional character, lives in a children's residential care home called the "Dumping Ground" in a book series by British author Jacqueline Wilson. The Dumping Ground is also the setting for the TV series adaptation.

Who wrote the book Tracy Beaker?

"The Story of Tracy Beaker" was written by Jacqueline Wilson. The book follows the life of Tracy Beaker, a young girl living in a children's home. Wilson is well-known for her diverse and relatable characters in children's literature.

Who is the creator of Tracy Beaker?

Jacqueline Wilson