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it is a old item. it will come back

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Q: On club penguin how do you get the I love my puffle shirt?
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Where is you love puffle shirt on club penguin?

it wil go but it was at the dock before

What is the Penguin Storm id for you love puffle t-shirt?

theres no shirt like that at all in clubpenguin sorry i meant i love puffle t-shirt

What will be the new penguin color on clubpenguin?

The new colour (or color for Americans) on club penguin will be white. so if you have a white puffle that you love or that you just love the colour (color) it will be great for you!!

How do you get Loop the pink puffle in club penguin elite penguin force?

If i remember rightly from my game it is in the icerink hope this helps i love cp, waddle on , from mateybb

Does Club Penguin love you?

Yes Club penguin loves u forever

Where do you get the brown puffle bed in club penguin?

Now on Club Penguin for members, the Brown Puffle likes machines. It is found at the 2011 wilderness expedition, and is only for members. If you become a new member, GET IT TODAY! I have a feeling that Puffle Party 2011 will be the time members who missed out can get a Brown Puffle. I have a secret for non members to get one, but I have to wait for it. I love mine, and that's great for members!

My daughter is in love with this website called Club Penguin and wanted me to ask how do you get a white puffle if you aren't a member?

You cant it is a members only item and if you love your daughter u will make her a member now go be a good parent!

What is the code that comes with Herbert's Revenge to get the elete puffle in Club Penguin?

You actually can't use a code twice, so there is no real "Code" that you can use to get it. All the codes are different. You can get one by buying the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge game from Target, Gamestop,Toys 'R' Us, Walmart, and Best Buythough. Its on the code sheet that comes with the game.P.S. I'm Crumb961 on Club Penguin, and I have the game, and I LOVE it!!

How old can your penguin live on Club Penguin?

Your penguin can live for as long as you want it to! That's what I love about Club Penguin. As long as you remember your user name and password, you can have a penguin forever!

How do you hold the sign in club penguin?

i love the sing

Can you sell your clothes on club penguin?

No. But I would LOVE THAT!!

Who loves Club Penguin?

I DO!!!!! LOL. ;) Some people love Club Penguin and some people do not. I do aswell!!!!!! LOL HA HA