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I would like to know what this Plumtree EDK.Net Web Controls 3.1 is and if I need to download it. I am having problems accessing my on line banking.

This is not an answer. It's a question!!!!!!

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Q: The Plumtree EDK NET Web Controls 3.1?
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Is the need for Plum tree EDK NET Web control 3.1 keeping others from accessing online banking?

Tried to access on-line banking today on AOL. Got a message (I assume you got the same one) that I would need Plumtree EDK.NET web controls 3.1 . Checked on the download looks like it's not free. Emailed my bank and AOL..

What are aspnet controls exactly?

ASP NET web server controls are executed when a page containing ASP NET is requested. They are a very usual piece of programming code which is used in web development.

What are the different controls available in aspnet?

There are Three types of controls available in ASP .Net. 1. HTML Controls (Traditional HTML Tags) 2. Web Server Controls (New ASP .Net Tags) 3. Validation Server Controls (To validate Inputs)

What is Plumtree EDKNET Web Controls 3.1?

If your having problems entering certain secure websites this may come up I had this same problem and it was the time and date had reset itself it is a problem with the software installed by the factory so if you manually change your time and date you should be able to access the website.

What is the difference between aspnet and vbnet?

ASP.Net is the technology for programming the Web Application.WebForms are part of ASp.Net as Windows Forms are for Windows Application. ASP.Net doesn't depend on any particular language as all the .Net languages can talk to each other very easily. VB.Net is a .Net language as is C# and C++.Net. You can use any language to program the WEB (ASP.Net) in .Net. ASP.Net provides the tools,Paradign, Controls that are useful for Web Applications. You can use these tools to program Web Applications easily rather then creating them yourself using the language of your choice.

What is web user control?

- Web User Controls are files with the .ascx extension that can be included in Web Forms, with the parent Web Form becoming the container of the control. Web User Controls allow you to easily reuse pieces of functionality in a number of Web Forms. - Web User Controls are files with the .ascx extension that have a structure similar to the structure of Web Forms, but they can't be requested directly by a client web browser; instead, they are meant to be included in Web Forms or other Web User Controls.

How do you debug a web service?

Debugging XML Web Service created with ASP .Net is similar to debugging an ASP .Net web Application.

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What are user controls in aspnet?

User controls may consist of various controls and it was easy to plug in to various web pages

Where is the web mail company EarthLink dot net based?

Is EarthLink dot net an American web mail company? Where is their HQ based?

What is .net as in the ending of a web address?

If you are talking about the ending of an online web address .net means that that website is a network. .com is commmercial, .edu is education, .gov is government, .net is network .NET is both a business strategy from Microsoft and its collection of programming support for what are known as web services the ability to use the Web rather than your own computer for various services.

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