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it is on Sundays wednesdays and thursdays from 8-9 pm

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Q: What days is big brother 12 on tv?
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When was Big Brother - TV series - created?

Big Brother - TV series - was created in 1999.

Which British TV reality show shilpa win in 2007?

Celebrity Big Brother celebrity big brother

What are the release dates for Big Brother Blues - 1992 TV?

Big Brother Blues - 1992 TV was released on: USA: 5 February 1992

Who writes the scripts for the tv show Big Brother US?

== == Gigi Eligoloff is the executive producer of "Big Brother."

What has the author Karel Hille written?

Karel Hille has written: 'Big Brother' -- subject(s): Big brother (Television program : Netherlands)

What are the origins of the Big Brother program?

It is believed that the TV programme Big Brother originated from a brainstorming session from a production firm called Endemol. Big Brother was first shown in the Netherlands in 1999. The show premiered in the US in 2004.

Why do they call the TV show Big Brother Big Brother?

The name "Big Brother" comes from the concept of constant surveillance and monitoring of the houseguests inside the Big Brother house. It is inspired by the novel "1984" by George Orwell, in which a totalitarian government is always watching its citizens.

When was the first big brother episode?

I can't understand what you want to say. If you are asking the place from where the first big brother tv show starts then it is NETHERLANDS in 1999.

Is big brother a good program for kids?

No big brother has not discussed this idea so no action has been taken to make this there is no childrens big brother planned.

How would you say big brother in french?

It would be grand frère. Pronounced Gr-an (silent n) Frai-r

Where does big brothers john James come from?

big brothers 2010 john James comes from australila but has anounced on live tv that he will be moveing to England to be with his loved one former big brother winner josie when she comes out of the ultimate big brother in 18 days and he hopes they will be come boyfriend and girlfriend when she comes out and not just 2 people who mess around with each other for a laugh because they were in the big brother house because he said he loves her and he knows she loves him back

Who is the multi millionaire on the tv show big brother?

It's George.