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Talk to you later kisses hugs kisses

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Q: What does TTYLXOX mean in texting?
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What dose TTYLXOX mean in texting?

talk to you later kisses hugs kisses. and the song is bye bella thorne by the way

What does ljk mean in ttyl xox?


What does BFF mean in ttylxox?

Best friend forever

What does TTYLXOX mien?

it mean talk to you later hugs and kisses...

How do you play ttylxox on the recorder with notes?

ttylxox on the recorder

When was TTYLXOX created?

TTYLXOX was created on 2012-03-06.

Does ttylxox mean hugs and kisses?

it means tal to you later (hugs and kisses)

What dos TTYLXOX mean?

Talk To You Later then the xox part is just kisses and hugs :)

What does nx mean in texting?

what does Nx mean in texting or emails

Is there a ttylxox video without the mashup with something to dance for?

I don't think there is a video but I have seen short versions of the song, TTYLXOX, in the video mashup but there is a full song of TTYLXOX.

What does the song ttylxox mean?

ttyl means talk to you later xox means hugs and kisses

What does EU mean while texting?

It mean love ya when texting