What is a seed torrent?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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A seed is a client (a person) that has a complete copy of whatever torrent you`re downloading. Once your torrent is done downloading it will remain open until you close it (This is known as being a seed or seeding).

Lots of seeds = Faster downloads! So keep seeding !!!

You can take a look at my blog for a complete explanation of torrents

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Seeding a torrent allows other people to download the files from you.

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Q: What is a seed torrent?
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How do you seed in torrent?

The only reason torrent files work is because people seed them. The files you download with torrent software actually come straight from other peoples' computers, not from an internet server. When people seed a torrent, they allow the files to be copied from their computer onto the computers that they're seeding to. I've never seen a torrent client that didn't automatically seed. As long as you don't delete the files downloaded, you keep the torrent client open and you don't tell the client not to seed, you will automatically seed. It's considered internet etiquette to seed, as a thanks to the uploader of the torrent file, and so others can get good speeds when downloading.

How do you re-seed a torrent file?

Add the files where your torrent saves files and then it will reseed again.

What if i don't seed back on a torrent?

If a torrent has no seeds it can not be downloaded.

If you download a torrent do you have to keep the complete downloaded file on your computer to seed it or can you just leave the torrent file?

The downloaded file has to be kept along with the torrent to seed. It is that downloaded file you are uploading. You can move the file to an external drive and still keep seeding, but you would have to tell the torrent where the new location is.

What is seed in utorrent?

In uTorrent a seed is someone who has 100% of the content associated with a torrent and who is uploading to other users.

How do you seed a torrent?

Once you are done downloading any torrent, you automatically start to seed until you remove it from the downloading program. You can take a look at my blog for a complete easy explanation of torrents

Why do you have to seed torrents?

You don't have to seed torrents, but seeding torrents helps others to download the torrent quicker

What is seeding on pirate bay?

Seeding is a form of giving in the sense of downloading. when you finish downloading a torrent it starts to seed which is giving back what you have downloaded. it makes downloading faster for other people downloading the torrent. it is coincided very selfish not to seed. this is called leeching.

What does seed in uTorrent mean?

If you have a download 100% completed you become a seed. utorrent will keep uploading (seeding) to other users so they can also complete their download. Keep in mind: If nobody would seed you could never complete a download. So please leave utorrent open seeding as long as you can to help others.

How do you seed in BitTorrent?

When you are finished downloading do not stop the torrent. You just need to have a full copy of the original files, and be connected to a tracker that hosts that torrent. If you want to upload or share a never-before-seen or new torrent, then you'll have to find a tracker to host/distribute your torrent. has free logins and then you can upload.

Why do you need seed after downloading bit torrent?

Seeding a torrent after downloading it is a common courtesy to the peers that seeded it to you, and users who are downloading the torrent for the first time. It improves their download speeds, and in some cases, can even raise your download speeds for other torrents.

How do you seed a torrent after downloading it?

It seeds itself unless you stop it. Else, you can just right-click it and select "start".