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There are several models of home heaters that are economical is usage. How economical depends on the available resources. Is the heater electric or gas based ? Gas based heaters provide better value for money that electric. Electric is more versatile than gas. Which solution is best suited depends on the placement and preferences.

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Q: What is an economical home heater?
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They opposite sex.

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A space heater is an economical way to heat an apartment but it is an extremely dangerous method as well. Space heaters are quite apt to start fires and never should be near a flamable item.

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how much does the average gas home heater cost for a 3 bedroom single home?

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Well, as far as I know, there is no 'gas' A/C. The A/C will be electric, regardless of the type of heat used. Whether electric heat or gas heat would be more economical is really dependent on your electric and gas utility rates and the efficiency of the appliances involved.

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