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The 18th amendment made manufacture, importation, or possession of alcohol illegal. It is also known as the "Noble Experiment".

it was also called the temperance movement or temperance act.

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Q: What is another name for the 18th Amendment?
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What was another name for the temperence movement?

18th Amendment

Which amendment of the constitution was later repealed by another amendment?


Which amendment repealed another amendment?

The 21st amendment, which is the repeal of prohibition, repealed the 18th amendment which was about prohibition.

What is another name of the 18th amendment?

1.) Noble Experiment 2.) Volstead Act

What is the only amendment that only specifically repeals another amendment?

The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment.

Which Progressive Era amendment is the only one in America's history to be repealed by another amendment?

The 18th amendment.

Which amendment prohibited alcohol?

The 18th amendment

What amendment reverses another amendment?

The 21st which repealed the 18th (prohibition on the sale of alcohol)

Which amendment banned manufacture and transportation of intoxicating liquors?

The 18th Amendment

What amendment repelled the 18th amendment?

The 21st amendment repelled against the 18th amendment.

What law was the 18th amendment known as?

great expirament and another name for the eighteenth amendment is PROHIBITION

Who wanted the 18th amendment?

who wanted the 18th amendment?