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A high bandwidth for users is subjective and depends on the individual user. 100GB to 300GB is generally considered as high for most users. Unlimited bandwidth is the highest usage a user can get.

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Q: What is considered to be a high bandwidth for internet users?
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What do mean by high bandwidth?

The biggest difference between high and low bandwidth is latency. The lower the bandwidth the more time the computer spends trying to download the data.

What is advantage of lower bandwidth?

The reason for using lower bandwidth is that not all Internet users are able to download and use programs, videos, etc., with high bandwidth. In some cases the higher bandwidth files become corrupted or they stretch the resources of satellite and dial-up systems. Operating at a lower bandwidth provides an advantage because it solves such problems.

A person who assigns more bandwidth to high-priority applications or users is a .?

network administrator

Who is a person who assigns more bandwidth to high-priority applications or users is a(n)?

network administrator

Which is considered a high bandwidth time sensitive application?


What best describes a privacy statement regarding the internet?

There is none. At anytime your ISP can check your activity if they suspect anything illegal, although it's highly unlikely. Common tip offs are very high bandwidth users at odd ours.

Which two Internet solutions provide an always-on high-bandwidth connection to computers on a LAN?

what is intermediary device

What percentage of internet users have High Speed Internet?

Approximately 85% of American internet users have broadband, though this data is somewhat outdated, so it could be a little higher today.

Is Internet games have high Internet?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if playing games (such as flash games) use a high amount of bandwidth. This depends on what kind of games you are playing. A flash game, Bloons for example, would use considerably less bandwidth than a game like Oblivion.

What virtual world doesn't take up band width?

Bandwidth is used whenever you are on the internet, so unless it is offline there are no virtual worlds that use no bandwidth. However, most Internet Service Providers have very high bandwidth caps, usually about 250 GB (which is equal to downloading 250 movies) or no cap at all, so you don't need to worry about bandwidth so much.

Why is a high bandwidth link better than a low bandwidth link?

high bandwidth link has high quality content and it is large in size

What benefits are provided with high bandwidth hosting?

Bandwidth means the amount of data that's transferred from a location (website or server) in a certain amount of time. So it would be a company that can provide this service at a high speed.