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Q: What is the code symbol for the side ways heart?
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What is the code for the side ways heart code?

Hello woozens! i am delighted to see you! the answer to the heart code on woozworld is max&amp;jenny2gether4ever. thanks..... i am megan020 on woozworld so check out my profile! until next time this is Megan020

What does a side ways eight symbol mean?

It is the symbol for infinity.

What is the symbol of infinity?

Side ways eight

How do you make a side ways heart?

you put &lt; 3 NO SPACES

In text what does 33 mean?

it is suppose to be a side ways heart

What does a side ways heart mean?

It doesn't mean anything. It's just a sideways heart.

How do you do a love heart on the computer?

put a &lt; then put a 3 it should look like this &lt;3 if you look at it side ways it looks like a love heart +_+

What is side ways?

its ways the side

What if you forget your webkinz code and don't have a sercet code to put in the blank?

You can't use it any more till you find the tag sorry! :P smiliely if your head is side ways

Are there only 9 numbers in the world?

no there's the number infinity which is a side ways 8 and theres also zero so that's 11 numbers - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and the infinity symbol :)

The correct symbol for Chlorine is?

The correct symbol is Cl2 as gases al ways have 2 atoms.

How do you make white heart symbol on facebook?

White heart symbols are a part of the ALT codes. ALT codes are used in place of keys that can not be added by the keyboard alone. There are two ways to make a heart on Facebook that I have found. One is by holding the ALT button and pressing the number 3 and the other way is typing in &lt; plus 3 and that will also make a heart.