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LG and blackberry and nockia

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Q: What is the most GB a phone can have?
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Is a 8gb good on a phone?

For Most People eight GB is plenty of storage space on an iPhone.

How can I download an app straight onto my SD card because there is not enough space on my phone (The app is very 1.43 Gb and my phone is a 1 Gb phone but I have a 16 Gb SD card.)?

very large, 1.43 Gb

What does GB cell phone mean?

please explain what GB really means and how important it is when purchasing a phone.

How can you get your phone to read a 16 GB micro SD?

Here are some answers to your SD related question(s) if your cell phone doesn't support that size then it will not work. you can check what your phone will support by visiting your carriers website and doing a search for "device name" tutorial. most devices made in the last year will support 16 GB cards. sometimes (in the case of Blackberry most recently) a software update will fix this issue. Verizon is popular for releasing updates for phones to make them work with larger SD card. you can stop into a corporate store and have that taken care of in most cases. Most smart-phones made today will support 32 GB out of box.

Where can you find a mobile phone with 2gb of memory?

Most of the mobile phones these days have a memory card slot. So if you get a phone like that, you could buy it a memory card, ranging from 100Mb to 8 Gb and 2€ to 15€.

How do you get to the i phone memory card?

You cannot add a memory card to an IPhone. The builtin memory has to be used. If you do not find the 16 gb adequate go for 32 or 64 gb phone.

Why is my phone saying i have no space when i do?

All phones require a certain amount of storage to keep the phone's memory intact. If it is something ridiculous however (like 16 total GB of storage and you have used 10 GB), then I would go in and get your phone checked out.

What type of phone does miley cirus have?

iphone white 16 GB

How much does the iPhone gigabytes hold?

Well it depends on the how much GB you have when you bought your phone from where ever you bought it from it could be a 16 Gb or a 32 GB and so on.

What is the gs side on the lg dare phone?

it is the same as a gb side on a computer

How much is 2 gb for mobile phone?

That depends on your mobile data plan.

What does gib deine handyhnummer ein mean?

Enter your cell phone number.