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Q: When was digicel P2P first launched?
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When was Taça Digicel created?

Taça Digicel was created in 2010.

How long has digicel been in Jamaica?

Digicel has been in Jamaica since 2001.

Is it possible to use a digicel sim card in a metro pcs?

Can I put my digicel sim in my metro phone?

Who is marshall ellerbe of digicel?

Marshall Ellerbe was a top ranking corporate account manager for the carribbean based telecoms company Digicel.

What actors and actresses appeared in Digicel Deal or No Deal - 2009?

The cast of Digicel Deal or No Deal - 2009 includes: Simon Crosskill as himself

Who invented coral digicel phones?

UTStarcom UTStarcom

When was Facebook first launched?

Facebook was first launched in 2006

How do you use p2p on LimeWire?

limewire is a p2p program the only thing it does is download via p2p

What services does Digicel Jamaica provide to its customers?

Digicel is a phone company located In the country Of Jamaica. They offer a wide range of services including International calling cards, mobile device phone for phones like Blackberries, and Messaging. Above all, they offer phones exclusively marketed by Digicel. For those who like to experiment with mobile phone sounds, the company also offers downloading ringtones from ITunes through Digicel's ringtone library.

What vehicle was first launched in 1981?

The first space shuttle was first launched in 1981.

Mobiles in Vanuatu?

Yes, 2 providers TVL and Digicel

Where can a person find the contact information for Digicel Jamaica?

The contact information for Digicel Jamaica: Digicel Jamaica, 14 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica Toll free From Jamaica Landlines Only - 1 888 Digicel Customer Care (All Int'l Calls) - 1 876 380 7626 DigiTECH Centre (problems with Handset) - 101 Customer Care from mobile (local) - 100 Corporate Switchboard - 1 876 619 5000