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I have answered many thousands of questions.

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Q: Why cant you answer any of the questions?
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What are qualities of Rose Hawthorne? cant find any of my questions!

What do i do if i don't know the questions asked on itunes for security therefore cant purchase any songs?

i tried to purchase a song on iTunes it took me to a security page and had two questions that they say i already answered but i never have. I cant purchase any songs unless i am able to change the security questions or something please help I've tried everything.

Why don't you give us answers?

because they suck that's why i cant get any of my questions answered right either

Why cant WikiAnswers give you the right questions?

it can give you the right questions.

What are Under feudalism peasants provided years of service in return for precious metals?

why cant u answer any of the questions i ask

Why don't you give us real answers?

because they suck that's why i cant get any of my questions answered right either

Why cant wikianswer answer math questions?

It can. Many people on WikiAnswers answer math questions.

Why is aim now Bebo?

For any questions that are to do with bebo that you cant find on wiki answers, go onto bebosuport and they will be happy to help.

Where to find information on a Martinez Saddlery saddle?

i also have questions i cant find answers to. i have an old gun holster and belt made by martinez saddlery and cant find any info on the company...

Why cant this website have the answers to all the questions people ask?

Some questions are not real questions, others don't have an answer.

Why cant you find any answers on this site?

Perhaps you are not asking the questions correctly. See the site homepage for links to hints on how to use this site.

Do you hate wiki ansewers?

Yes because you cant add any details for the questions like you can with yahoo answers. I prefer yahoo answers.