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Q: Will vertu phones work with att sim cards?
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Can spint phones work with ATT?

No they will not work with AT&T. AT&T uses a GSM network that requires SIM cards and Sprint uses CDMA that does not require SIM cards. The two networks are not even remotely compatible.

Can you put a Verizon sim in a att phone?

No you cannot. CDMA phones do not accept SIM cards.

Does ATT have free phones?

I do have att and there are free phones. Just look online and there will be options.

Are all sim cards compatible?

yea i have gotten several phones from att and used the same sim card for all of them, and kept the same phone number.

Can you transfer your ATT gophone sim card into another ATT non gophone and have it work?

I have been wondering this same question also. With my broken att goPhone I transferred the sim to a working RAZR v3 and an ATT Tilt. Niether of them worked as they both said no service. So the answer is NO.

What does ATT sell?


Is it possible to use Verizon's 3g service with an ATT phone?

You can't use Verizon service on ATT phones or any other GSM phones. Verizon runs on a different frequency, which ATT phones do not support.

Can any phone sim card be inserted into any phone?

No most phone companies do not allow any SIM card to go into all phones. The only exception I have found is the SIM cards for ATT phones and TMobile phones.

Is an att micro sim compatible with other att phones?

the micro sim is only compatible in the iphone 4 and 4s because they are the only phones that it will fit in through att

Do all ATT phones need sim cards?

As AT&T is a GSM service provider all of their devices require a SIM card to operate on their network

Why Choose ATT Wireless Phones?

ATT wireless phones are advertised frequently for their reliable network and connection. ATT wireless phones use 4G network technology for high speed connections. 4G is known as 4th generation wireless and is the highest stage of broadband mobile communications. This is a major reason why ATT wireless phones are praised and recommended by customers. ATT also offers a wide variety of wireless phones such as Andriod phones, smart phones, full keyboard phones, touchscreen phones, slider phones, and flip phones.

Can you use an ATT sim card into a virgin mobile phone?

Virgin Mobile now uses sim cards and ATT and other carriers only what customers to use their phones, so the phones are locked for use only on their network. If you get an unlocked cell phone you can use it on any carrier that uses sim cards. NOTE: Tmobile and prepaid carriers don't have Iphones on the service.