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You can get such a service from the phone company. A DSL line does not have to have a land-line phone connected to it. You can also get cable service and get a cable modem.

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Q: You want internet service but do not want a land line phone What are your options?
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Do you have to keep your local phone service land line with internet service to have vonage service?

Not if you have broadband internet.

to you have land line phone service plus high speed internet?

high speed internet plus regular phone at home service

Save Money with Internet Phone Service?

Long distance charges can bring land-line phone bills through the roof. Phone customers save big on long distance charges when they drop their traditional land-line provider in favor of an Internet phone service. Most Internet phone service providers offer free long distance. Monthly fees for Internet phone service providers are usually less than land-line providers. Basic plans from Internet phone service companies usually include many features that traditional land-line services like to bill extra for.

Advantages of Internet Phone Service?

Offering an inexpensive option in home phone lines, internet phone service is often a smart choice. Also known as VOIP, the signal is transmitted digitally over the internet. Still functioning as a traditional land line, internet phone service does not require specialized phones. A fairly simple service to install, many providers offer introductory packages to familiarize customers with this new technology. Often included in discounted service packages with cable and internet service, internet phone service can be a great option to consider in land line phones.

How reliable is cable internet phone service when compared to traditional land line phone service?

Its not comparable. Analog phone service is far superior to digital phone service as far as reliability is concerned.

What are the options for online phone service?

Several companies can provide solid online phone service, such as and Both companies can video call over the internet, and for a reasonable price can call land-line phones or cell phones anywhere in the world.

Does Comcast provide home phone service?

Comcast does provide home phone service through their cable service. Many times you can bundle your cable internet service with the land line service at a discounted price.

What companies offer internet service plans without a land line phone?

A cable modem ISP does not require phone service. You can get DSL as long as you have phone lines in the house, but you don't necessarily need a landline. The phone company offers special rates for access for DSL. los angeles area I NEED INTERNET SERVICE BUT DONT HAVE LAND LINE Time Warner

How can I find a new home phone service provider?

The options are many, you can go wireless, cable, skype, or there are sevices that will bundle cable, dsl internet, and home land line service together. The choices are many and the incentives are too so good hunting.

Is Fixed wireless is a broadband Internet connection?

The Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service is an optional service which is provided by many companies which offers two main things: land line phone service and a wireless internet connection.

At the moment i have a land line phone which enables me to access internet via dsl. Can i connect to internet without the land line?

Some internet service providers offer cable-internet services, using the cable that connects to your tv.

What does Verizon wireless sell?

The Verizon Wireless business provides a number of services. They offer land line phone and cellular phone service. Internet service as well as television services.