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Yes, it is a mixture.

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Q: Is cigarette smoke a mixture
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Is Cigarette smoke is solvent or solute?

Smoke is a solute. It can be dissolved.

What does the Green Smoke cigarette have in it?

The Green Smoke cigarette is better than real cigarette, it has no tar in it but does have nicotine.

How smoke is released from cigarette?

smoke comes through the filter on the cigarette and into your lungs

When was Cigarette Smoke Phantom created?

Cigarette Smoke Phantom was created in 2002.

Is inhaling a cigarette like smoking it?

You can inhale the cigarette smoke, but not the cigarette. To smoke is to inhale the smoke when it's in your lips. You also can inhale the smoke when the cigarette smoke is near to your nose, or through your open mouth. But never try to do it. Smoking is very harmful.

What is the effect of cigarette smoke on household plants?

If i test to see how cigarette smoke affects household plants, then it will be that cigarette smoke has shown to have an plants though it with oxygen.

What does smoke a dart mean?

Smoke a cigarette

Is cigarette smoke a suspension?

yes do not smoke

What are exhaled mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke combined?

Exhaled mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke combined is referred to as secondhand smoke. This form of smoke is a mixture of the exhaled smoke from a smoker and the smoke emitted directly from a burning cigarette. Exposure to secondhand smoke can have harmful health effects on non-smokers.

Is cigarette smoke a element?

Cigarette smoke is not an element. Elements are made of only one type of atom, cigarette smoke contains all type of atoms and particles, many (if not all) of which are toxic.

Which cigarette does john Abraham smoke?

He doesn't smoke.

How to smoke?

You smoke by inhaling from the filter end of a cigarette.