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What is ANZUS?

ANZUS is an acronym for Australian, New Zealand & US Forces serving together in the PTO during WW 2.
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What was the purpose of the ANZUS treaty?

This was a security (In the act of war to any one of these countries the others would support them) treaty between the Australians, New Zealanders and the United States. Also, ( Full Answer )
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When was anzus formed?

ANZUS stands for Australia, New Zealand and United States Security Treaty. The Treaty separately binds Australia, New Zealand and the United States to cooperate on defence mat ( Full Answer )
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What does ANZUS stand for?

ANZUS stands for the Australia - New Zealand - United States Security Treaty which was signed in September 1951 and came into effect the following April.
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Who signed the ANZUS treaty?

The ANZUS(Australian, New Zealand, United States) treaty was signed in the year 1951. It was signed to give these three countries a sense of security and it gave them war part ( Full Answer )
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What is a brief history of the ANZUS treaty?

it was an alliance between Australia,new Zealand and the untied states,three nations that came together to form an alliance,it was signed in 1951
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What countries were in anzus and seato?

ANZUS: Australia, New Zealand and United States SEATO: Australia, Britain, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, United States
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