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Why was napoleon a tyrant?

he didnt like women, took away thier rights,he aslo made himself emporor and created a secret police
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Greek tyrants were?

\n. \nGreek tyrants were not all that bad sometimes, because way back then, a tyrant was chosen to help in a place's time of need, and then give up their power. This contrad ( Full Answer )
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How was Macbeth a tyrant?

He was a tyrant because all he was concerned about was his throne to be king and killed anyone who he felt was a threat.
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Why is Macbeth a tyrant?

Macbeth started out as an honest person only to be pushed into the wrong direction countless times by the people he held close to his heart, and his emotions. Lady Macbeth w ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for tyrant?

A synonym for tyrant is dictator. Some other synonyms for tyrantare autocrat, oppressor, despot, and authoritarian. A tyrant is anoppressive ruler.
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What is a sentence for tyrant?

My classmate is tyrant of me that's why he doesn't want to be my friend A tyrant is considered to be a horrible person or character. Thattyrant ran away with all of the money ( Full Answer )
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What do tyrants rule by?

According to the Wikipedia definition of tyrant: "Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, 'one who rules withoutlaw, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subject ( Full Answer )
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What did the tyrants do for Athens?

They brought a period of political stability desired by themajority of the people who wanted an end to aristocratic rule andinfighting. After nearly 50 years it was time for a ( Full Answer )
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Was Xerxes a tyrant?

He was a king who inherited the throne of Persia from his fatherDarius the Great. As king, he controlled the Persian Empire through21 provincial governors who ran the empire u ( Full Answer )
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How did tyrants rule?

Initially they were appointed to solve the problems betweenaristocrats and the lower classes dominated and exploited by theupper class. Their task was to create a balance to p ( Full Answer )