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by not making a forest fire, and protect it's natural habitat

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Q: How do you manage forest?
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How do you manage forest ecosystems?

you can manage by looking it at Avictor

How do the Indigenous people manage the forest in a sustainable way?

cuz there awesome like that!

What is a sentence with sustainable?

Your tenet is just not sustainable. I hope you manage your newly-acquired forest in a sustainable manner.

Can you have two domains on server 2003?

You can't have two domains on the same server 2003 machine, since it has to manage a single domain. However, you can have many domains in a server 2003 forest or a series of trees, which are managed by a forest controller. And, a single server 2003 can manage multiple domains.

------ and ------ agriculture was a method used to create a forest area for planting and hunting?

Slash and burn. Not a good way to manage the planet.

How is GIS applicable in forestry?

GIS is used in forestry to analyze and manage forest resources, plan forest harvesting and regeneration activities, map forest cover and land use changes, monitor forest health and biodiversity, and optimize ecosystem services. By integrating spatial data with forest inventory data, GIS helps foresters make informed decisions for sustainable forest management and conservation.

Should humans harvest forest resources if the extent of the available resources is unknown?

Probably not; it seems a very foolish way to manage resources.

Are forest fires a federal matter?

Forest fires can be managed by different levels of government depending on the location. In the United States, federal agencies like the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of the Interior often work with state and local agencies to respond to and manage forest fires. So, forest fires can involve federal, state, and local jurisdictions working together.

Can you cite 3 reason why forest are very important to planet earth?

1.Forestsprotect our waters and manage our climate.2.Without the forests we would have much less oxygen. (One acre of forest provides over 6 tons of oxygen per year)3.All living things depend on the forest.

Does England have forest fires?

Yes, forest fires can occur in England, although they are not as common or as severe as in countries with hotter and drier climates. The UK government and local authorities work to prevent and manage wildfires through monitoring, education, and coordinated response efforts.

After installing Windows Server 2003 you run manage your server wizard and configure the system as a domain controller what will the functional level be?

IF it is the first dc in a forest the level will be 2003

Joint forest management programme?

Joint forest management is a strategy where local communities and government authorities collaborate to sustainably manage and protect forest resources. It aims to involve communities in decision-making processes, promote conservation practices, and enhance their livelihoods through sustainable use of forest resources. This approach helps balance the need for environmental conservation with the socio-economic needs of local communities.