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The Indus Valley Civilization.

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Q: Name one of the great river civilizations?
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What is a religious difference between the Huang River civilization and other great river civilizations?

One religious difference between the Huang River civilization and other great river civilizations like the Mesopotamians and Egyptians is the belief in ancestor worship. The Huang River civilization placed a strong emphasis on venerating and honoring their ancestors through rituals and offerings, while this practice was not as prominent in other civilizations.

What is the name of the longest river in the world and the location of one of the most amazing ancient civilizations ever discovered?


What river valley was home to one of the world's oldest civilizations?

Tigris and Euphrates rivers

Why call Egyptian great?

They built one of the first civilizations.

What 3 civilizations developed on Tigris and Euphrates river?

There was only one civilization that existed on the Tigris and Euphrates River. That civilization was Mesopotamia. There were three other civilizations that existed in other areas. These civilizations were the Egyptians, the Longshan, and the Harappa.

What civilizations grew up along the Nile River?

The most common one was the Egyptian's.

What is the worlds largest country named after a river?

India is the world's largest country named after a river. [Indus river]

Which two civilizations invented the abacus?

the Chinese and the Mayan were one of the firs t civilizations to create the abacus in around 2600 BC. - uday the great

What is amazing about China?

The great wall is an amazing feat and there truly is a great deep history it is if not the then one of the oldest existing civilizations

What is one great river in Iraq on which Baghdad is located?

This river is Tigris.

Where did most civilizations originate?

Anthropologists and scientists say that Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. This dates back thousands of years before the Bible was made. Mesopotamia was located in North Africa near the Nile River.

When was the nile built?

it was not built because it is nature. it was present back in the dawn of men as one of the civilizations started there at Nile River.