How old is knucles from sonic?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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Well, Knuckles IS a cartoon/video game character, so he doesn't really have a definite age. But I think that he would at least have to be older than Sonic.

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Knuckles is 16 in sonic X

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he is 21

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Q: How old is knucles from sonic?
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Does classic sonic like anyone?

classic tails classic amy classic knucles

Can knuckles beat sonic?

Yes knuckles is stronger than Sonic and can punch him in the anus. yes but sonic can run much faster than knuckles and if you have seen sonic x knucles doesnt hurt sonic when they fight

How old is knucles?

he is like around 20 or 26

Who is stronger sonic or knuckles?

clearly knucles. He can punch through almost anyting. On episode 5 part 2 of sonic x he punched almost all the trees down. And in episode 76 he hel'ed shadow in place willel spining. So that proves it knucles is stronger

How old is knucles the hedgehog?

16 btw he's an echidna

Is popping your knucles good?

There here is no evidence that popping you knucles does any particular harm.

How old is sonic the hedghog in the sonic underground show?

Sonic is about 13 years old on Sonic Underground. On the Sonic Wiki it says Sonic is 17 years old.

How old is sonic in sonic unleashed?

In every Sonic game Sonic is about 15 years old.

Is sonic unleashed an old sonic game?

Not really, Sonic Unleashed was on xbox 360, wii, and some other consoles. An old sonic would be on a cartridge but Sonic Unleashed was on a disc, so it's not that old. 2008 was when it came out, but no Sonic Unleashed is not an old sonic game.

How old is Sonic in Sonic Colors?

He is 15 years old.

How old is Sonic on Sonic adventure DX?

Sonic in all modern games is 15 years old.

Do horses have knucles?

No. A horse has a hoof. Hooves don't have knuckles.