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The travel agent quit his job because he wasn't…

Answer: "GOING" ANYWHERE (hiding, erotic, anyway, trying, corner, before)

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Q: What is solution to news day jumble puzzle of 5 3 09?
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What is the answer to the Daily Jumble puzzle for July 14 2011?

Their day at the beach did this. Answer: SUITED THEM, thumb, sixty, pretty, rudder

What was the answer for February 14 2015 Jumble puzzle?

Daily Jumble 2/14/15:Clue: When the couple went scuba diving on Valentine's Day, there was...Answer: DEEP AFFECTION (poise, finch, tandem, fedora)

Is there a website to play daily Word Jumble for free?

I use Uclick Games. There is a new puzzle every day. See the link below.

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for January 16 2014?

The bonus puzzle solution was HYBRID VEHICLESpecial V8 Puzzle of the Day SolutionFavorite Recipe

What is the answer to the jumble puzzle in the Austin American Statesman for January 9 2008?

Wager, Hoist, Invoke, Kowtow.What she lost on the 14th day diet. Answer: two weeks

What is the answer to the jumble in news day August 5 2012?

Most tourists in Japan have this.Answer: A YEN FOR SHOPPING, money, snowy, pigpen, bishop

What is the answer to the jumble puzzle in the Philadelphia Inquirer on June 16 2011?

What the math teacher took pleasure in making. Answer: EVERY DAY COUNT, video, tummy, chatty, govern

What is the Jumble solution for June 4 2015?

Daily Jumble 6/4/15:The retired tennis star displayed the tennis racket that had...Answer: SERVED HIM WELL (vowel, emcee, shifty, dollar)

What was the Daily Jumble puzzle solution for December 13 2014?

Daily Jumble 12/7/2014:She told her son to get off Facebook and Twitter to do his chores, but he preferred...answer: SOCIAL "NOTWORKING" (revert, liquor, awaken, unless, canyon, oblige)What the reporter considered the school vandalism.answer: "BREAKING" NEWS (siege, linen, broken, airway)

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for October 3 2014?

The bonus puzzle solution was It Takes Know-How.The Banquet Meal of Fortune puzzle (final one) was Today is Your Lucky Day.

What is the 4 word jumble answer for these letters ooptutmsuefli Clue is The jumble creators usually call it a day when they?

Daily Jumble 6/12/15: The Jumble creators usually call it a day when they... Answer: "PUN" OUT OF STEAM (oomph, truth, misuse, finale)

Where can you find a jumble archive for the Austin American Statesman?

Below is the link for the official online Jumble site. Just below the puzzle, they have a calendar that allows access to the Jumbles for the past 30 days. The Unclerave site below has an archive going back to March 2008. With a few days off here and there, Unclerave posts the Jumble solutions (and a bunch of other stuff) every day.