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The version I had was “it is better than the old cloudy kind” ...haha...

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It is better than the old dirty kind

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Q: What is the advantage of having nuclear physics Math worksheet?
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What is the advantage of having nuclear weapon?

When Someone Wants A Nuclear War , You Are Defended

What advantage does a eukaryote cell gain by having a nuclear envelope?

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What is the advantage of having nuclear physics?

The "prongs" of nuclear physics are understanding the fundamentals of the structure of the atom and the behavior of the little "thingies" that make it up, and the application of that knowledge to make devices and equipment that can help us do stuff. Making things to do stuff is the advantage of pursuing our investigations in nuclear physics. We need to know how atomic nuclei do what they do, how the nucleons get along in there. We're curious that way. We simply want to know. A part of the desire to understand nuclear principles is just in the wish to know it. We study nuclear physics to understand radioactive decay and how the sun and other stars work. There are also a number of other astrophysical phenomenon that we investigate just to "know stuff" about our universe. How does it work? Where did it come from? What will happen to it in the future? Big questions! We also want to apply the knowledge, and the application of knowledge is, in general, a natural extension of having that knowledge. We have nuclear reactors to generate heat to create steam to drive turbines to generate electric power. The reactors are also used to make small radioactive sources which we apply to treat some forms of cancer. There are also a flock of other applications of nuclear physics in medicine, industry, food science, biological research and in the further investigation into the fundamental nature of matter.

How many isomer in nuclear physics?

Isomer is the term used for chemical compounds having the same molecular formula, in physics the term isomer is meaningless although the term Isotope is used.

How was meitner honored for her work in physics?

Lise Meitner was honored for her work in physics by having the chemical element meitnerium (Mt) named after her. Additionally, she was also nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Physics for her work on nuclear fission.

What is an advantage to having nuclear submarines?

The main advantage to having nuclear powered submarines is that a nuclear powered submarine can, if designed wisely, stay submerged for months on end. The only limitation really is food and the crew's psychological state. This is extremely useful in nuclear deterrance considering that a nation can send out nuclear powered, nuclear weapon equipped submarines on patrol for use in case of a nuclear exchange. If an attacking nation destroys the missiles silos of it's target and it's nuclear armed bomber wings, the defending nation would still have the use of it's nuclear weapons onboard it's ballistic missile submarines.

What are the answers to the hatchet hink pink worksheet?

I don't have that worksheet. Perhaps you could ask me some of the examples you're having trouble with.

Can you be a nurse without having physics?

Yes; physics is not required to be a nurse.

What is an advantage of having a phone?

The advantage of having a phone is that it makes communication much easier and faster.

What is the advantage of having a nanny goat?

advantage is nothing... :)

What is the advantage for having argon in the atmosphere?

There is no particular advantage.

Did Einstein want to bomb hiroshima?

In a sence, he did. 2nd Answer: Good heavens, no, Einstein did NOT want to use nuclear physics to make bombs, let alone USE them!! He later wrote of how sad and regretful he was at having participated in developing the physics that became part of creating the A-Bomb and the H-Bomb.