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nivens mctwisp is the white hare from Alice in wonderland. i want thecostume as well (not thecartoon, the unanimated one) because if you look closely, he and mallymukun the dormouse wore the same kind of clothing. i want it too, but u either hav to wait till the costume is made and buy it or make it

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Q: Where to get Nivens McTwisp cosplay?
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Try an online store. If a search returns no results, contact them and see if they can make it custom.

What is the crazyrabbits name in the new Alice in Wonderland?

Nivens McTwisp is the name of the White Rabbit .

Who voiced the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland 2010?

Nivens McTwisp the White Rabbit was voiced by Michael Sheen .

What is the white rabbit27s name in Alice in Wonderland?

Nivens McTwisp , the White Rabbit - voiced by Michael Sheen .

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Mctwisp just happens to be the white rabbit.

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