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Q: People collected to see a match called?
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Which websites is the best or

They are both good dating sites. The main difference is the way they match you with people. On Match, you select the people you like. On eHarmony, they match you up with people. You can check the related links below to find the reviews of both and see which one is better.

What is called when you see people who are actaully not there?

It can be called hallucinating or delusional

Where can you see WWE for free?

Typically after a match you can go to and watch the match again but it will only show parts of it. If you what to see the whole match you can just go to youtube.

You want to know the match between lovers?

the logical way would be to see how they interact with people of the same type. Mabey? :-)

What would be an important question to answer for people wanting to go to see the Statue of Liberty?

no idea swap your match attacks for chocolate

Who sponsors match of the day?

sponsors change but if you look at the advert right before it comes on you will see. some people have no imagination

How do call people who can not see?

A person who cannot see is called a blind person.

How do you know if a guy is your match?

if you don't know if a boy is your match you need to look at them like say if you see him every day at the park you can look at him and see if he is the one for you and you can talk to him and that's your match

What are people called who see ghost?

They are called Mediums - i think that's how you spell it :)

What are people called who see ghost and that is a psychic?

I believe the are called paranormal mediums

What is the part of the tooth that people can see called?


What are you called if you can see dead people?

a paranoid schizophrenic...