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Yes you sure can. Source happened to me

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Q: Can a person with a warrant be caught by renting a hotel room in their name?
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Can You Get Arrested For Walking Into A Hotel?

If you look like a supicious person but not if you are renting a hotel room.

When a person has to stay in a hotel what is the daily pay called?

If you mean the daily charge for renting the room - that is called the Tariff

How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room in Maine?

25 the rules on renting hotel rooms are pretty strict

What is objectives of hyatt hotel?

Making money for their owners by renting out rooms.

What is the name of the person who helps guests in a hotel?

I think you're referring to a Concierge. That person helps guests with sites to see, places to eat, making travel arrangements, renting a car, etc.

Can single room in a hotel be occupied by a couple?

When the second person sneaks in, then technically yes. But if you get caught, you better run quick.

What are the most sicknesses caught in a hotel?

The most common illnesses caught in hotel rooms are E coli and the flu, mostly from unsanitary bathrooms.

How old to rent a hotel room in Virginia?

Legally you must be 18 years of age to make a legal contract which, technically, is what renting a hotel room is.

Is Thistle Euston hotel suitable for family holidays?

Thistle Euston hotel is suitable for family holidays, according to its website. However, it is important to check consumer reviews before attending the hotel or renting its rooms.

A person who help guests at a hotel?

The concierge is the person who helps guests at a hotel.

Is it possible to not get caught cheating in Hotel City?

Eventually, if you cheat, it will get out.

What is legal age to rent a hotel room in Ohio?

21 I live in Ohio and rented a hotel room for my 18th birthday. I think it just depends on the hotel, but I am still not 21 and have never had a problem renting a room anywhere in Ohio.