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Q: How to tie someone to a bed and what suplies will you need?
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What is name of bed which used to tie on tree?


How do you tie yourself to a bed?

Very, very carefully.

Where you sleep in a rocket ship?

on a bed *tie your self on it*

How do you make a tent with your bed?

Tie two sticks to the top and bottom of your bed with stiring, rope whatever then place sheet on top tie sheet in place and finished :p

What materials you need to tie a tie?

A tie and your hands!

What is the minimum number of tie downs for any flat bed load?


Can young girls seduce older men?

Yes, if you tie them to the bed. They enjoy that.

Why do you tie people to a bed in the spread eagles position?

Because a bed has 4 corners and people have 4 limbs, one for each corner.

Why did sponge bob tie a frog to his bed?

because he is sad about squidward doind sucide

What things do you do to a guy if he wants to be tied up during sex?

tie him to the bed and just get it on

How will you make sure you will stay in bed while sleeping if there is no gravity?

You will tie your shoelaces to the bedpost, or, as astronauts do in the International Space Station, strap yourself to the bed.

Can there be a tie playoff game in the NFL?

No; they need to keep playing until someone wins, no matter how many overtimes are needed. Somebody HAS to win.