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Q: Who owns a bed and breakfast?
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Who owns and operates bed and breakfast operation?

Usually individual people.

Is it bed in breakfast or bed in breakfast?

It is "bed and breakfast"

Who owns the copyright to Charles Barber's painting breakfast in bed?

Completed in 1894, the work is in the public domain.

When was Breakfast in Bed created?

Breakfast in Bed was created in 1969.

Where can someone find a bed and breakfast in Barcelona?

Bed and Breakfast, Trip Advisor, Orbitz, Venere, Budget Places, Barcelona30, Booking, and Bed and Breakfast World all offer bed and breakfast options in Barcelona.

Are there any bed and breakfast places between Winnipeg and Calgary?

There are several bed and breakfast establishments between Winnipeg and Calgary, Canada. In Moose Jaw, there is the Wakamow Heights Bed and Breakfast. Regina has the County Fair Bed and Breakfast, and Swift Current has the Green Hectares Bed and Breakfast.

What does bed and board mean?

It means that you will be provided with a bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Half board means that you get a bed, breakfast and dinner (you get your own lunch some where else). Bed and breakfast means you get a bed and a breakfast only. An evening meal is extra.

When was Breakfast in Bed - album - created?

Breakfast in Bed - album - was created in 2007.

How do you say bed and Breakfast hotel in French?

Un bed and breakfast (these are borrowed words)

Where can one find a bed and breakfast in Miami?

Bed and breakfasts in Miami are listed at Travel Zoo, Bed and Breakfast, Trip Advisor, Kayak, Yelp, I Love Inns, Bed and Breakfast World, and TravelPod.

What is Bed fa st?

Bed and breakfast

When was Breakfast in Bed - film - created?

Breakfast in Bed - film - was created on 1963-04-26.