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Yes. A meteor can fall anywhere.

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Q: Can meteor fall in Nigeria
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How does a meteor fall?


What some of these rock fall out of orbit and become what?


In what country does Things Fall Apart take place?

"Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe takes place in Nigeria.

What western state did a meteor fall and make a crater?


How much does a cow cost in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country in Africa. In Nigeria, the price of a cow can fall between N65,000 to N220,000 per cow.

Where did the meteor fall in Russia'?

It hit the Ural Mountains in eastern Russia.

Where does the story of things fall apart take plce?


Dose a meteor or comet fall quickly fall to earth?

Comets, while visible in the sky, do not normally fall to Earth. Meteors do fall towards Earth very quickly.

How can differentiate a meteor from a comet when viewed from Earth?

comet moves slowly and appears in the sky for a longer time. meteor moves swifty and seems to fall on the ground.

What is the correct term for a shooting star?

A meteor. If any of it survives the fall through the atmosphere and makes it to Earth, that part is a meteorite.

What name is given to the meteor which manages to penetrate the atmosphere and fall on the surface of the earth?


Where would you find a meteor?

The Hayden Planetarium in Manhattan has a very nice one that you can go and see if you wish. If you would like to find one that nobody else has found yet, I can't really predict where a meteor will fall, since they can fall anywhere.