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Yes you can but you also need you passport in order to travel there and other documents depending on where you are from.

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Q: Can you travel to Dubai if you have a travel document?
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Do travel document refugee passport Geneva convention 1951 need visa for southafrica?

Do travel document refugee passport genova convention 1951 need visa for dubai?

Is travel insurance mandatory for travel in Dubai or world tour?

Travel insurance is mandatory for Dubai or global travel. Visiting any country should have an insurance policy for travel in hand.

Is there a Dubai India?


Where can one find a travel agent based in Dubai?

One can find a travel agent based in Dubai, by using companies websites such as Travelocity and Expedia. These sites will offer information and direction, to book hotels and travel to Dubai, as well as information regarding travel agents based in Dubai.

When you travel from manila to Dubai where will be the possible stop before reaching Dubai?

Bahrain or Hong Kong

What is meant by type of travel document held and what is meant by serial no of travel document?

Type of travel document held means the travel document that you you use to go to the country for example, passport, if you are the country's citizen then fill in the certificate of identity. Serial no of travel document is your passport number or id number if you are the citizen.

Can you travel to US with your UK travel document?

If that travel document is a passport then yes you can. Without passport it wont be possible

What is the time travel from Miami to Dubai?

about thirteen hours

What is the distance from Dubai airport to Bur Dubai?

I assume you mean Dubai International, and Bur Dubai. As the crow flies, a little over 4km. Because of the Dubai creek, total road travel distance is nearly 8km.

What site offers free holiday travels to Dubai?

You can find a number of good deals with cheap prices for holiday travel to Dubai, however, none of them will be free. The only way to obtain free travel is by winning a contest. Some sites that offer discount travel deals to Dubai include Kenwood Travel, Beat the Brochure and On the Beach.

Which is the Best Flight Ticket Booking Agency In Chennai?

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What are the names of some travel agencies in Oakville Ontario that can help with planning a holiday to Dubai?

Some travel agencies in Oakville, Ontario that can help with planning a holiday to Dubai include companies such as McTavish Travel, Estoril Travel Centre, and Flight Centre.