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No, you can't travel with an enhanced license to Aruba. Passports are required for all U.S. citizens to enter and exit Aruba by international air travel. Passports or passport cards are required to enter and exit Aruba by sea.

Specifically, enhanced driver's licenses don't meet International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] document standards. For example, they may be used to cross Canadian and Mexican borders by road, rail, or sea. But that's not the case by air.

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Q: Can you travel with an enhanced license to Aruba?
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Does Texas have a enhanced drivers license?

No, Texas does not have the 'Enhanced Driver's License'

Can I cruise to Mexico with an enhanced license?

To cruise somewhere (to travel on a seagoing passenger liner) yo do not need a licence, just a travel ticket.

What is an enhanced license?

An enhanced license is a type of identification card that can be used for border crossing by land and sea between the US, Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean countries. It is a more secure form of identification than a regular driver's license but does not replace a passport for international air travel.

Do you need a international drivers license in Aruba?


Can you travel by car from Miama to Aruba?

As Aruba is an island, you can't drive there from Miami.

Can a birth certificate be used for a cruise to the Caribbean?

No. You can use a passport, US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license or "enhanced" non-drivers ID.No. For travel between countries in North America you must use either a passport (booklet mandatory for international air travel), a US passport card, or an enhanced state drivers license or non-drivers ID. A birth certificate is not sufficient.

Can you get an enhanced drivers license in Illinois?


Can you fly to Mexico with a Washington state enhanced drivers license?

No. An enhanced drivers license ("EDL") is equivalent to a U.S. Passport CARD, not a booklet. An EDL can be used for travel by land or sea between the United States and Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. Because of international treaties on air travel, all passengers and crew on international flights must possess a passport booklet.

Can you travel through Canada by land without a passport in 2013?

If you are not a citizen of Canada then you can't. You either have to have a passport, passport card or enhanced Driver's license.

Does a child born in Honduras need a passport to travel to Mexico?

No. A passport is sufficient to travel to Mexico. A birth certificate is not valid for international travel. If you are traveling by land or sea, then you can enter Mexico with a US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license or "enhanced" non-driver ID.

Is there regular transportation for sea travel between Aruba and Venezuela?

No, there is no established network or regular schedule of sea transportation between Aruba and Venezuela. Ferry service isn't presently available between Aruba and Venezuela. It's possible to charter a boat. But usually travelers opt for air travel from Aruba to Venezuela.

You are 15 want to know if you can use your birth certificate to travel from New York to Canada?

No. A birth certificate is not valid for international travel. A US citizen can enter Canada by air only with a passport. By land or sea, you can enter with a US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license, or "enhanced" non-driver ID.