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Q: Did Leonardo da Vinci every go to south America?
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Did the Romans land in America?

No. There is no indication that the Romans every reached South America.

What are the countries in south America with latitude and longitude?

Every point on Earth has latitude and longitude. The countries in South America are no exception.

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Every country in South America has different job requirements. It would be difficult to list them all.

What are the two America's did Christopher Columbus land on?

He landed on South America No he didn't land on the mainland of North or South America every voyage he landed in the Caribbean.

Is every country in south America a spanish-speaking country?


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in every continent but the antarctic

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Salamanders are found in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and small portions of Africa.

What is the Link between Peter Rabbit and the last Supper?

In "South Park", it's said that Saint Peter is actually a rabbit, and the true painting of "the Last Supper" of Leonardo da Vinci is painted a rabbit where Saint Peter should be

Brazil borders every country in South America except?

My nuts

What are the boudaries of Latin America?

Such region is composed by every country south of the Rio Grande River. It includes Mexico, Central America, South America and several islands in the Caribbean.

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According to my information, Chile and Brazil are among the safest countries in the South America. In fact, there are numbers of tourists visit every year. So, if you are planing for travel to South America then I will recommend you these two places.

Who is the ruler of south America?

Since South America is a continent and not one nation, every country has its own leader and its own government.