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Penguins do not live on the Antarctic continent, although several types do visit its beaches to breed. They breed there because there are no land predators, except other breeding sea birds, such as skuas. At sea, which is the home to all penguins, they are simply part of that food chain.

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No penguin 'live' on the Antarctic continent; they are sea birds and 'live' most of their lives at sea. During breeding season, however, several types of penguins come to Antarctica's beaches to breed.

Antarctic beaches are safe for penguins' breeding habits, because there are relatively few predators there. Penguin chicks are sometimes taken by other birds -- Skuas, for example -- as food for the Skua chicks. The primary predators are sea mammals, such as seals and whales.

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they have webbed feet for powerful swimming. a streamlined body to glide through water, insulating blubber (fat) to keep warm, and watertight feathers.

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Q: How are the penguins adapted to live in the Antarctica?
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How many penguins live in the antarctica?

No penguins live in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds that visit Antarctica's beaches during breeding season.

Where do penguins live on the globe?

penguins live in antarctica

How do desert penguins adapt?

There is no such thing as a desert penguin. There are penguins that live in the desert, however. Antarctica is the largest desert in the world and penguins have adapted to live in the coastal regions of that continent. There are also penguins on the Pacific coast of the Atacama Desert in Chile.

It is a continent at the south pole were penguins live?

Antarctica is the continent located at the South Pole where penguins live. Penguins are seabirds adapted to cold climates and are most commonly associated with Antarctica because several species of penguins inhabit its shores.

What spieces of a penguin live in Antarctica?

No penguins live in Antarctica. Two types of penguins breed on Antarctica's beaches: Adelie and Emperor. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea.

Do Emperor Penguins live in the South Pole?

No, Emperor Penguins do not live on the South Pole, but they do inhabit Antarctica, with their colonies located near the coast of the continent. They are well-adapted to the harsh conditions of Antarctica and are the largest species of penguin.

Where do penguins live Antarctic or Antarctica?

Penguins are native to Antarctica and can only be found there. :)

Are emporer penguins the only penguins to live in Antarctica?

No, Adelie Penguins also live on Antarctica. The amazing thing about Emperor Penguins is that they breed in one of the coldest parts of Antarctica, where the temperature can get to -30F!

What part of Antarctica does a penguin live?

Penguins don't live in Antarctica, but they come to the beaches to breed. Penguins live in the seas.

Where in antarctica do emperor penguins live?

Emperor penguins are sea birds and live at sea. They breed on Antarctica's beaches.

Where do pengins live?

Penguins mainly live in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in Antarctica, as well as in areas such as South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. They are highly adapted to cold climates and spend a lot of time in the water hunting for food.

What are the penguins names that live in Antarctica?

No animal lives in Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain. Penguins are sea birds that visit Antarctica's beaches to breed, and include Adelie and Emperor penguins.