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Q: How big isNew York state?
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What is the big apple state?

The "Big Apple" is New York City which is in New York, the state.

What isnew halls flavor?


Is the Big Apple the same as the Empire State?

No. The "Big Apple" is New York City, while the state of New York is the "Empire State".

What is the big name for New York?

Empire state. The Big Apple.

What is the state of New York City known for?

It is called The Big Apple and the state is in New York. Thank you for the question. :)

What is the state motto for New York?

The big apple

What was the nickname of New York?

New York City has a number of official (more or less) nicknames... Gotham The Big Apple The city so nice they named it twice Empire City The City that never sleeps

If Florida is the sunshine state what is New York?

New York City is considered either "The Melting Pot" or "The Big Apple". Its either or both, but New York State is the Empire State.

What state is nicknamed apple state?

Do u mean the big apple? That is new york

What is New York's tagline?

The City of New York is often called the Big Apple, or the City That Never Sleeps. The State of New York is nicknamed the Empire State.

What is the name of this big city in New York State?

New Yawk

Which state is the 26th president from?

He was born in New York ( the Big Apple)