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Q: How can one observe live debates for the political representatives in the Alberta Legislature?
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Anyone like political debates?

There are many people who like political debates.

How is a law passed in a parliament?

I am going to explain this in sequencing order: 1. A member of the legislature has an idea for a bill 2. The legislature introduces the bill into the house of representatives 3. The bill is printed for all to read and study it 4. The house of representatives debates, amends and votes on the bill 5. A committee carefully examines the bill to determine its merits 6. The bill is once more debated and voted on. If it is successful, it goes to the senate 7. The senate debates and vote on the bill. If it is successful, the bill goes to the President 8.The President signs the bill into the law

Who runs the debates in the house of representatives?

The House majority leader

What major debates shaped the terms of the US. Constitution?

Political Debates Between Lincoln and Douglas.

What were the major debates and compromises that affected the creation of the U.S constitution?

Political Debates Between Lincoln and Douglas.

Was a result of the political debates over the whiskey rebellion?

The emergence of a two-party political system.

What does the elephant and horse mean with the debates?

For political debates the Elephant represents the Republican party and the donkey represents the Democratic party.

Why do the members of parliament come together in the house of representatives chamber?

because they need to have meetings and debates

Which committee plays a key role in shaping floor debates in the House of Representatives?

The Rules Committee.

. Which political element was introduced in the 1960 presidential campaign?

televised debates

What political element was introduced in the 1960 presidential campaign?

Televised debates

What did the political debates over the whiskey rebellion lead to?

The political debates themselves resulted in action taken by George Washington, to suppress the rebellion. However, the events contributed to a more important result of political parties, and the two-party system seen today was born.