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from the Sanskrit and means Venerable Isle

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Q: How did Sri Lanka got its name?
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What is the new name for ceylon?

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

What is the current name of Sri Lanka?

It just going to be the same name "Sri-Lanka

When did Sri Lanka got indipendance?

Sri lanka is a Asian country. it got indipendance in 1944.

How many lakes has sri lanka got?

There are no considerable lakes in Sri Lanka

What is the name of sri lanka before sri lanka?


What was the formal name of sri lanka?

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (commonly known as Sri Lanka

What is Ceylons current name?

The current name of Ceylon is Sri Lanka.

Name the island national southeast of India?

It is Sri Lanka.

What is the spelling scrambled country name kasnlria?

The scrambled country name is "Sri Lanka."

What is old name of sirilanka?

Some of the old names of Sri Lanka are Serendib & Ceylon

What is the domain name of Sri Lanka?

<something>.lk seems to be the domain ID for Sri Lanka

What is the former name for Sri Lanka?

The former name for Sri Lanka is Ceylon. The name Ceylon was used from the 16th century until 1972. The name was derived from the Portuguese word "Ceilão", which was a Portuguese transliteration of the Sinhala word "Sīhala". The name Ceylon was used by the British during their rule of the island, and it remained the official name of the country until 1972. In 1972, the country became a republic and the name was changed to Sri Lanka. The name Sri Lanka means "resplendent island" in Sanskrit. The prefix "Sri" means "divine" or "sacred", and the word "Lanka" means "island". For Information Watch This Video : Sri Lanka के इस वीडियो को एक बार जरूर देखे // Amazing Facts About SRI LANKA in Hindi