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Christmas trees and advent candles etc.

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Q: How do Icelanders decorate?
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What are the citizens of Iceland called?

People in Iceland are called "Icelanders".The Icelandic word for people is: fólk.

What are people called who live in Iceland?

People who come from Iceland are called Icelanders

What type of entertainment do Icelanders like?

Icelanders seem to consume more literature than do many of their global peers.

What type of government do Icelanders have?


What are the people from icland called?


What instruments are in Iceland?

The Icelanders play the dulcimer.

What shoes do Icelanders wear?

snow shoes

Who are the ancestors of today's Icelanders?

Viking settlers.

What are people called that are from Iceland?

icelandic or icelanders :)

What type of energy do Icelanders use?


What do Icelanders value?

Their heritage, nature and old literature

Have any Icelanders competed in the 2010 Olympics?