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0066, then the number without city code....

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Q: How do you dial Malaysia mobile to Thailand mobile phone?
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How do you dial from Australia to Malaysia by mobile phone?

Replace the trunk prefix 0 of the Malaysian number with telephone country code +60.

How do you dial overseas dsn?

To dial a mobile phone when it is overseas, dial exactly the same number you would if that mobile phone were at home.

Which of these is not present in a mobile phone?

Dial Tone

What is the number to check your credit balance on a 3 phone?

dial 1744 on your mobile phone. if you would like your balance to come up on the screen dial 1745 from your mobile phone.

What service does Dial A Fone provide?

The service that the company "Dial A Fone" (or as the company have it, Dial-A-Phone) provides is that they are an independent mobile phone retailer in the United Kingdom.

Do you always have a dial tone when phoning abroad?

In general, you will always have a dial tone when you are calling from a landline phone, but never from a mobile phone.

How do you dial America from Pakistan?

On a mobile phone, +1. On a landline phone, 00 1.

How do you dial a number on niko's phone?

In Grand Theft Auto IV, it is relatively easy to dial a number. To dial, press Up on the D-Pad (the arrows), this will bring up the mobile phone. Then press Up again, this will bring you to the dialling screen on the mobile phone. Press the keys you require, then press the green phone. Sometimes, after you have entered the number, the phone will automatically select the green phone icon, but will not dial it. You must dial it. This is the way that you enter cheats.

What is the code to call a mobile in texas america from the uk?

If it is an American mobile phone, you dial 00 1 then the full ten-digit American phone number. However, if you are trying to call a British mobile phone that somebody has taken with them while on holiday, you just dial it as you normally would.

How do you dial Australia mobile to Thailand mobile?

Replace the trunk prefix 0 of the Thai number (mobile or landline) with telephone country code +66, including the plus symbol.

What is the dialing code to phone an English mobile in Spain?

To call a UK-based mobile phone, anywhere in the world that it may be physically located, just dial the UK mobile numberexactly the same way you do when the mobile is in the UK.

How do you make call to US mobile phone in Scotland?

If the US mobile phone is in international roaming mode, you may be able to dial its normal US number. If the phone has swapped in a UK SIM card, you will need to dial the UK number.