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Think about what your going to say before you say anything. Make it a habit. If you catch yourself saying or going to use a curse work stop yourself and change the word. It may take a little while but you can do it.

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Q: How do you stop cursing?
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How do you stop curing?

just stop cursing or if u go to church ask your pastor

What is the way to stop parrots from cursing?

Just don't curse.

How do you get your boyfriend to stop cursing without being pushy?

Say, I would appreciate that if you stop. I know someone who wouldn't marry their now husband unless he stopped cursing and became a Christian. Tell him it's not cool. And if he doesn't stop, hes not good enough for you. he has no self control that shows.

Is cursing a good thing?

well it depends on what kind of cursing you mean. if you mean cursing as in bad words, well its not a good thing but people still do it so who cares.and if u mean cursing like hexes and black magic, well they probably are bad but i do them and i know a lot of people who do. either way cursing no matter how you mean it is bad..but that doesnt stop me or anyone else.

Is skander keynes hating someone?

yes ok and whoever wrote the oringinal message please stop that that is true but please be realistic about stop cursing like please and the public is not

Does the birds in Angry Birds be cursing?

Yes, they be cursing.

How does lorraine seem to fell about john in the pig man?

she thinks that john needs to stop cursing and clean up his act and doing pranks

Can you get banned for cursing online?

Yes. Cursing while you are online can get you banned.

Is there cursing on Total Drama Action?

No there is no cursing although on an Episode of tdaa there were words that they beeped out

What did Hera do to all the women Zeus had an affair with?

She often tried to stop them from giving birth to their and Zeus's children or tried to kill the children. She also punished them by cursing them.

What words shouldn't I Hear?

Swearing and Cursing words. Cursing and Swearing words. Like rape.

Is there any cursing in Syphon Filter Dark Mirror?

yes most definitely there is A LOT of cursing