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Q: How is china different to wales?
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What is china's direction from Wales?

China is about 10000 miles east of Wales.

Is Laos or Wales nearer China?

Laos Laos borders China to the south, Wales has a sheep:people ratio of 3:1 and borders England.

Is laos or Wales near china?

Laos is very near China. Wales is part of the British isles and on the opposite side of the world.

What countries are trading partners with Wales?

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In which countries is Mother's Day celebrated?

Canada, USA, Britain, Australia, Russia, China, Spain, Austria, Wales, Central America (but on different dates).

What is Brazil's capital of Wales?

Brazil and Wales are two completely different places. There is no such thing as "Brazil's capital of Wales."

What creature of legends is a symbol in both Wales and China?

The Dragon would be one.

Is there Anything popular about Wales the country?

Yes there is, Wales has magnificent scenery and castle, the welsh people are also friendly and welcoming, there is also a Wales week celebrated in NYC, Boston, LA, DC and China... so i think Wales is pretty popular

Where did the blitz happen in Wales?

It happened in three different counties London, Cardiff and Wales

How much is the train ride from London to Wales?

£37 to Cardiff, but Wales covers quite a big area so the fare to other places in Wales will be different.

Are there any Edwards family in Wales England?

first of all Wales is a different country to England and yes there are Edwards is one of the most popular surnames in Wales (which is NOT in England!)

Why is south Wales Welsh different from north Wales Welsh?

They are just different dialects, like how people from Northern England may use different (but still English) words to those who live in the South.