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Q: How many days does the state of Florida have to file criminal charges after bonding out of jail?
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Can Florida use your out of State criminal record against you?

Can Florida use your out of State criminal records against you?

Can NSF charges be sold to a collection agency?

Yes. And there can be, depending on what state you live in, criminal misdemeanor charges.

How can charges be dropped with Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and When do i need to drop them?

You cannot drop charges. The state presses and/or drops criminal charges.

Can the state or district attorney pick up charges if the person refuses to press them?

Criminal charges are not pressed by an individual, they are always pursued by the state. Only the state or district attorney can press charges.

Is Missouri reciprocal with Florida on felony charges?

Felony charges in one state are viewed to be felony charges in any other state or US possession.

What College football team has the most criminal records?

Florida State

When will the state of Georgia legalize recreational marijuana?

When the state decides to remove the Marijuana-related criminal charges from the statutes.

You are 19 and you are dating a girl that is 15 and her dad is pressing charges on you what are you going to get out of this?

If you are facing criminal charges, you need the advice of an attorney in your state, not WikiAnswers.

What happens when the state files domestic violence charges when you didn't want them to?

As with all crimes, the state and state alone makes the decision about whether or not to pursue criminal charges. It isn't up to the alleged victim.

What criminal charges keep you from being a CNA?

This would be different from state-to-state. Contact the nursing licensing agency for your state to determine the exact answer.

Charged with felony assault but was dropped?

If you were charged with a felony assault and the charges were dropped, you do not have a criminal record. The charges can be picked up by the state at a later date.

How can someone press charges on another for property damage?

An individual cannot press charges. Only the state makes that determination. If you would like the state to consider criminal charges against a person, contact the police and report the incident.