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Q: How many seats are available in bits Goa?
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How many seats available at BITS Pilani Goa and Hyderabad?

About 2500

Is hyderabad bits better than goa bits?

yes bits hyderabad is much better than the goa campus .

Is bits Goa better than nits?

Yes, certainly, after all it is BITS Pilani

Is bits pilani beter than bits goa?

Yes its definitely better... As BITS Goa is merely a franchise.. it is not a franchise and by the way the name is BITS-PILANI GOA is just another campus which falls under the BITS- PILANI was established in 2004 and boasts of state of the art infrastructure and a few years time it wud rank among the very best

BITS Pilani Goa ranking?

BITS has opted out of the rankings since 2005 because of a pending court case

Does bits pilani ranking includes other campuses also?

Yes. Since 2008, all the rankings of BITS Pilani have included the Goa Campus.

What are the positive impacts opf tourism at goa?

Goa tourism have improved a lot.. if you have visited goa many years ago then you will find many more exiting packages available there.. which were earlier you have not got you can visit this you will find more information about that

Is bits goa better than nitk surathkal?

Depends what you are looking for.. BITS Goa is a private institute whereas NITK is government. If you can pay high fees, you can join a PVT. institute. They will give you good facilities and infrastructures. It also depends on what stream you'd like to take up.

Is nit kurukshetra better than bits Goa? is the same..nah nevermind nit kurukshetra is better

How many MLAs are there in Goa?

Their are 41 mla in goa

What amenities are available at the Leela Goa hotel?

There are a number of amenities available at the Leela Goa Hotel. They offer room service, dinning facilities, swimming pool and spa, gymnasium and conference rooms.

Is bits pilani goa campus is a university recognised by ugcif yes is the degree imparted as mschonseconomics is equivalent to main economics?

BITS Pilani Goa Campus is not a university, but a campus of the main university BITS Pilani. UGC approves BITS Pilani to have it's own campuses with the same course structure, curriculum as the parent campus. The degrees at BITS Pilani Goa are awarded by the university of BITS Pilani.Since BITS Pilani is a deemed university, hence it has the power to design its own degrees and curriculum. The MSc Economics degree at any of it's campuses is an amalgamation of Economics, Engineering and Science. Hence, it is a notch above the traditional Economics degree awarded at other universities. However, it is a 4 year integrated degree, and is considered an "undergraduate" degree and not as a "graduate" degree.