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Q: How many times of Punjab is the area of Rajasthan?
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How many lakes in India?


How many time Super Kings cross the 200 in 2008 IPL?

three times CSK scored 200+ scores against Rajasthan,Mumbai,Punjab

How many states of India touch the border of Punjab?

4 states touch border of punjab . names of these states are jammu& Kashmir, harayana, himachal pradesh, rajasthan

How many times imoped president rule in rajasthan?

Four times

How many IIT institute are present in Punjab?

assuch thereis no IIT in Punjab but a new IIT is alreadystarte fromlastyear onwards for your information there are originally seven IITS in country atBombayDelhiGuwahatiKanpurKharagpurMadrasRoorkeebut soem new IITs are already started in Bihar, Rajasthan,Punjab, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh and HyderabadClasses for IITs in Punjab, Orissa and Rajasthan are functioning under IITs Delhi, Kanpur and Kharagpur respectivelyfor more information about IIT and it;s entrance exam visit the folioing link

How many state boundaries touch with haryana?

Haryana shares boundaries with six Indian states: Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Rajasthan.

For how many matches was dhoni away in IPL T20 2010 and against who all?

3 matches. Vs Kings XI punjab, Royal Chalengers Banglore, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals

How many kilometers are there from Hyderabad to Rajasthan?

how many kilometers from hyderabad to rajasthan

How many cities in Pakistan Punjab?

There are hundreds of cities in Punjab. A few famous cities of Punjab are enlisted below: LahoreFaisalabadMultanGujranwalaSahiwalBahawalpurOkaraJhangHafizabadJhelumSirgodhaVehariKasurMandi BahauddinGujranwalaKhanewalMalakwalPind DadankhanRawalpindiChiniotShaikhupura

How many districts are there in Rajasthan?

There are 32 districts in Rajasthan.

How many mambers of rajasthan manav adhikar ayog?

no rajasthan but gojarat

How many times president rule is imposed on Karnataka?

karnatak state president rule imposed in 6 times