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Q: In what year did the spainards founded antigua?
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What is Antigua and Barbuda's year of independence?

Antigua and Barbuda became independent on November 1, 1981

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What is the time zone in Antigua?

Antigua is in Atlantic Standard Time all year, four hours behind U.T.C.

When was Tenochitilan built?

Tenochtitlan was built in 1325 by the Mexica people on an island in Lake Texcoco. It served as the capital of the Aztec Empire until it was conquered by the Spanish conquistadors in 1521.

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What might the Inca Empire have thought of spainards character?

The Inca Empire might have thought of spainards character as; frivolous, wealthy, well to do.

Are there water parks in antigua?

No there aren't any water parks in Antigua, but there are 365 beaches, a different beach, a different day, all year.

What year did Vivian Richards play the football world cup?

He played for Antigua in qualifiers for the 1978 World Cup.

How did Spainards dress in the 1600s?

nicely done

Who were the First people arrive in the Americas?


Who were the first people to arrive in the Americas?


What year did Antigua and Barbuda become a country?

They became independent in 1981.