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South America is not divided by any continent. It is a continent itself.

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Q: Is South America divided by all the continent?
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What continent in South America have democracy?

I do not understand this question: South America is already a continent, and at the moment, all countries are democratically governed.

What continent is Brazil located on?

South AmericaAmerica (South)South America.South America is the continent on which the country of Brazil is located. It's the largest country on the South American continent. In fact, it takes up over 50 percent of the total land of the continent. It also is the largest of all of the Latin American nations.south AmericaSouth America.Brazil is in the continent of South America.South America

Which continent is located south of all continents?

Antarctica is the continent located south of all other continents.

What are all the continents in South America?

South America is a continent. There are no other continents that overlap with it or include it.

Which continent is closer to the South Pole Australia or Africa?

Australia is closer (South America is closest of all). Also, note that Australia is not a continent. This means the closest continent to the South Pole is South America.

Who was the South American president in 1994-1999?

South America is a continent. It has lots of countries. There is not a single president for all of those countries. So there is no president of South America.

Which continent's are divided by the 0 degrees line of latitude's?

The continents divided by the Equator (0 degrees latitude) are Africa, South America, and Asia.

Are Argentina and Brazil in the same continent?

Yes, these countries are all on the same continent-South America.

Does South America have any festivals?

South America, as a continent in itself, does not have any festivals, but all the countries on the continent have their own individual festival - religious, cultural and traditional.

Is Brazil in South America North America or Central America?

Both. Geographically, Brazil is located on eastern South America. Culturally, it is part of the region known as Latin America, which includes all countries whose language was originated from ancient Latin, such as Spanish, Portuguese and French.

What is the world continent?

The world is divided into seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia/Oceania, and South America. Each continent is a large landmass surrounded by water.

Who's the leader of South America?

The continent of South America consists of 12 independent nations and two territories of European countries (French Guiana and the Falkland Islands). There is no unified government that could have a president, prime minister, or both.